Who doesn’t love the fun of Super Mario games?! In this article, I will share a list of must-have Mario gifts that fans are sure to love. These are not your usual, generic Super Mario gifts – plush toys, mini-figures etc. Rather, these are different, original gifts that will be sure to put a smile on your face or of those whom you buy it for.

Top 8 Mario Gifts:

1. Pixelated Mario Light- Buy on Amazon

Mario LED Pixel LightThis is a fantastic Mario gift that fans will love. It really captures the essence of old Nintendo games in their old-fashioned pixelated state. The product lights up and Mario’s image comes to life in a bright and fun way. In this product, the famous plumber is seen standing up in his well-known blue and red outfit and posing with a peace sign. The pixel-art figure is battery powered so there is no need to stand it near an external power supply.

2. Super Mario Brothers Customizable Mug- Buy on Amazon

Customizable Mario MugEver wanted to create your own, custom, pixelated world for Mario to explore? Well now you have the chance. This standard-sized coffee mug is decorated with the trademark blue sky and famous brown base. Apart from that, it is blank, and the rest of the design is entirely up to you. Using the provided 4 sheets of reusable (and waterproof) stickers, you can create a miniature world for Mario to explore. Choose from stickers of clouds, trees, flowers, hills, pipes, question mark blocks, and, of course, characters. Customize to your heart’s content. Coffee breaks will never be dull again!

3. Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets- Buy on Amazon


Super Mario Bros. Fridge MagnetsTransform your fridge into a display of iconic Nintendo figures and items from the Super Mario series with these vibrant fridge magnets. All your favorites can be found, including golden yellow coins, mushrooms, turtles, and Mario himself. With over 80 magnets included, this means the combinations of displays are almost endless. These magnets give any Super Mario fan a way to show how much they love the games. This is a great gift for Mario fans of all ages, it is sure to provide lots of fun.

4. Super Mario Bros. Question Block Storage Tin- Buy on Amazon

Super Mario Bros. Question Block Storage TinMake tidying up fun with this storage tin fully designed to look like one of the question blocks out of the Super Mario video games. Whether you use it for storing games, cards, cookies, or office materials, it is sure to be a gift that will be appreciated by all fans. The size is 18cm x 18cm x 18cm providing a neat storage space that is fun and original. Again, this is a gift suitable for all ages and makes a nice talking point for those in your life who have missed out on the joy of Mario games!

5. Super Mario Remote Control Car- Buy on Amazon

Super Mario Remote Control CarIn at number five, of must-have gifts for Mario fans, is this remote-control car. This is not just any remote-control car, but an anti-gravity car. That’s right, you can race both in normal or anti-gravity mode at the touch of a button. When in anti-gravity mode, Mario’s car can drift and really look like a professional racer! Do wheelies, perform 360-degree spins, or see if you can beat your personal best race time, the opportunities are numerous. This Mario gift that is sure to bring lots of fun and excitement.

6. 3D Mario Table Light- Buy on Amazon

Mario Gift LampThis Mario Table light is legit. With a variety of different colors, this 3D Mario gift is sure to knock your socks off. This light will truly bring any man cave together. Set it on your coffee table, counter, or end table, it is sure to bring the room to life and be a conversation starter



7. Question Mark Door Mat- Buy on Amazon

Mario Gifts DoormatWhat better way to show someone your love for Mario by having them clean their shoes off on a Mario welcome mat! This Mario gift is a perfect and unique and way for someone to express their love for Mario. Next time someone comes over, they will see your love for Mario!



8. Super Mario Odyssey Blanket- Buy on Amazon

Mario Gifts BlanketThe final Mario gift is perfect for cozying up on the couch and playing, well, Mario! Kick your feet up and play some Super Mario Odyssey on your Switch or throw it back to the Nintendo 64 and play Super Mario 64. After you finish playing, you can take it to bed with you and have a good nights rest!





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