The Fallout series has had enormous success and has created many fans in the process. Most everyone know’s someone that likes video games, and chances are, they also are a fan of the Fallout games. It can be hard to pinpoint the perfect gift for your loved ones or friends if you don’t share the same interests as them. Fear not, because we have compiled a list of the top 8 gifts for Fallout fans!

Top 8 Gifts for Fallout Fans:

1. Fallout Pip Boy Mug- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Pip Boy Mug

Everyone loves coffee, right? Well, what better way for someone to show their love for Fallout than with their very own Fallout coffee mug! This mug can hold a lot of fluid, so it is going to be perfect for long workdays, or even long gaming sessions!

2. Fallout Monopoly- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Monopoly

Isn’t there a Monopoly game for almost everything? This game will be perfect for the person in your life who loves video games and board games. You might not be able to understand their love for video games, but everyone can appreciate a good game of Monopoly!

3. Fallout Funko Pop- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Funko Pop

Have you seen these before? There is a different Pop for almost any character you can think of. This is just one of the many different Fallout Pops! This would be a great item for a man cave or desk at work. The recipient can show their Fallout pride wherever they go with this collector’s item.

4. Fallout Vault Boy Lanyard- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Lanyard

With this Fallout lanyard, the stress of lost keys can be no more! Simply clip them on and everything is good to go! This would be perfect for car keys, house/dorm keys, work keys, or any other kind of keys that someone may have!

5. Fallout Gift Box- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Gift Box

Filled with over $100 of Fallout merchandise, this is the complete gift for the Fallout lover in your life. It includes a lunch box, figures, glasses, pins, and much much more. Whoever you get this for is likely to love you for the rest of their life!

 6. Fallout Coffee Mug- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Coffee Mug

Maybe the Pip Boy mug we listed above was a little too excessive for your taste. However, this mug is a simple and basic way for someone to represent one of their favorite games. This is a perfect mug for someone to keep at work for their daily coffee needs!

7. Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide- Buy on Amazon

Vault Tech Survival Guide

This guide is over 500 pages worth of knowledge. Filled with all of the Fallout information, facts, and guides anyone could ever need, this would be the perfect gift for your favorite Fallout fan. Help lead them to victory with this detailed Survival Guide.

8. Fallout Perk Puzzle Poster- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Perk Puzzle

What better way for a Fallout fan to learn all of the perks than by working a 550 piece puzzle?! This puzzle has every perk known to the Fallout world. This would be a great gift for the puzzle maker in your life!

BONUS: Fallout BottleCap Magnets- Buy on Amazon

Fallout Bottlecap Magnets

Everyone hates when things fall off of their fridge! So why not pick up some BottleCap magnets to hang up beautiful pictures and notes on your fridge! Pick these up today!


That is all that we have for you today! Thanks for checking out our list of the Top 8 Gifts for Fallout Fans!