With this year’s E3 finished, we saw a lot of fantastic game trailers, gameplay, and even some major announcements. There were a bunch of games and release dates announced, some in the near future and some seem pretty far away. There were so many games from E3 this year that I cannot wait to play, and I am guessing you feel the same. For that reason, I put together a list of the top 8 games from E3 that I cannot wait to see more of and play!

I just picked out 8 games that peaked my interest, so they are in no particular order! Everyone has different taste when it comes to gaming, which is one of the greatest things about video games. So feel free to agree or disagree with any of the games that I have listed below!

Top 8 Games from E3 that I Can’t Wait to Play:

Metro Exodus Pre-Order

There is gonna be a little bit of a wait before I can get my hands on Metro Exodus, since the release date is February 22, 2019, but I really liked what I saw at E3 this year.

What really caught my attention was the trailer that was shown during the Microsoft Conference. For starters, the voice over is on point. It drew me in instantly. The world also looks incredibly immersive. At the beginning of the trailer, they showed a bunch of different scenes, which each look really detailed.

The combat and gunplay also look to be really action packed and fun. There is one scene where this giant lizard looking thing attacks and it seems awesome. The gunplay also appears to be really good with a big variety of weapons and smooth controls.

Rage 2 • Pre-Order

Bethesda didn’t give an official release date for Rage 2, but we should see it sometime in 2019.

Let’s be honest, Bethesda’s conference started out super weird with Andrew WK and the punk rock vibe that was going on. But hey, it’s their conference, they can do what they want. And to their credit, it got a lot better.

Anyways. The game just looks fun. It has a serious wasteland vibe to it but keeps a lighthearted and fun gameplay tone. The trailer shown at the Bethesda’s conference shows the main character, Walker, on a mission which has an ultimate goal of taking down The Authority. The Bandits he faces on the mission have pink, blue, and yellow hair and hit grenades with baseball bats. It’s your classic punk gang (so maybe the Andrew WK performance at the beginning was fitting after all.)

There are also some cool looking features in the game. There is an awesome looking car chase in the trailer along with some cool looking grenades. Walker also has this boomerang blade he throws that chops head off and it looks totally dope. Personally, this was one of my favorite games shown and I cannot wait to play it.

Fallout 76 • Pre-Order

Bethesda is set to release Fallout 76 on November 14, 2018. So we will see this game relatively soon!

Alright, this is one of my most anticipated games from E3. I know there are mixed feelings about it, but personally, I think it looks amazing. One of my favorite aspects of it is the ability to acquire a nuke. I am not totally sure how these are going to work in the game itself (is someone gonna just blow up my house randomly?), but I am confident in Bethesda’s ability to make them work well with the game.

Aside from that, I also think the story is pretty interesting. Shelter 76 is supposedly the first shelter that existed and the game is a prequel to the other games. The world itself, graphically speaking, looks amazing too, but of course, this isn’t a surprise.

There is also the multiplayer aspect of this game. Todd Howard said during the conference that the servers would be a small group of people, not a large group. I think it is going to work well with the game. I know it’s a totally new aspect for the Fallout series and people are nervous about it, but let’s have some confidence in Bethesda and see if they can pull it off.

Death Stranding • Pre-Order

There is no real release date for Death Stranding, but my personal guess is that we will see it sometime in 2019, so we likely still have a bit of a wait.

Let’s be honest, this game is weird. I don’t even know what to make of it. I think that’s what it has going for it though, no one knows what to make of it. Hideo Kojima has established himself as a great game maker and the fact that The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus is the main character is just icing on the cake.

The mysteriousness behind the game is what is drawing me in. I am excited to see future trailers and gameplay, to see more of what it is about. Maybe it’ll end up not being something that I am not interested in, but I think it has potential to be a really great game!

I don’t even have a PlayStation 4, I am an Xbox One guy. But between this and God of War, I am seriously considering pulling the plug. Especially with the rumored price drop.

Anthem • Pre-Order

After getting a delay, Anthem is set to release in March 2019, if it doesn’t get another delay.

If I am being honest, I am not really that excited for this game. However, everyone else seems to think it’s going to be a fantastic game, so I am trying. I really hadn’t paid much attention to it at all, and when I saw the trailer at the Microsoft conference, it was the first trailer I’d seen. One of the first things that came into my head was, “this looks pretty cool, but it looks a lot like Destiny.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Destiny, but do we really need another game like it?

The premise of the gods leaving the world unfinished is super interesting to me, but it’s just not enough to draw me completely in. The ability to fly also is pretty intriguing to me, and I’ve heard that it is a super satisfying experience from bigger outlets that have played the game. Maybe I will have a change of heart as I see more gameplay.

The Division 2 • Pre-Order

The Division 2 has a release date set for March 15, 2019, so we will get to play it in the next 9 months!

I really love the location and time of this game–desolated Washington D.C. It’s cool to see the Washington Monument and the White House in ruins after an apocalyptic episode. Some of the E3 gameplay looked like it is going to be a great game to play with friends, which is always a plus for me. The combat graphics look really good and the backdrop of D.C. makes it even better.

I think this is gonna be a really fun game and I am pretty excited to get my hands on it.

We Happy Few • Pre-Order

From Compulsion Games, who were recently acquired by Microsoft, We Happy Few is set to release August 10, 2018.

This is one of my most anticipated games from E3. I’ve never really been a horror fan, but this one grabbed me for some reason. Something about the trailer they showed just pulled me in. It has a compelling storyline of what would happen if all our happiness just disappeared.

I am hoping that the story will evolve as the game goes on and it will end with a happy note, but either way, I am still looking forward to it. This is Compulsions last game before they officially go under the Microsoft wing, so I am hoping they will finish off with a home run.

Halo Infinite • Pre-Order Unavailable 

The release date for Halo Infinite is currently 2019, and I am guessing we won’t see it until later in the year.

Honest moment here, I have never played a Halo game. It’s a long story, but I didn’t play too many games until recently, so I missed out on the series. Despite that, I am excited for the chance to get to experience at least one of the games and find out if I like it.

In the E3 trailer, there was a big focus on the world and the animals that are in it. I don’t know how big of a role they will play in the game, but since it was a big part of the trailer, I am imaging it has to do at least a little bit with the game. So I am excited to see what they do with it.

It has been a while since fans have gotten a new Halo game, so hopefully, this one won’t disappoint! 

There were so many fantastic games from E3 this year, it is hard to keep up with them all. I hope that you saw some games that peaked your interest at this years E3 like I did! Maybe you agree with these games or maybe you disagree. Let me know in the comments!