Action RPG, The Surge is getting its latest DLC, and this time for free. The new DLC, known as “The Cutting Edge” will give players 3 new armor sets, 3 weapons, and 3 new jumpsuits and is available for download today. New weapons include Dark Star, Engelhart, and Last Aid, each having its own special perks and uses, while new jumpsuits include the Angle, Asclepius and Nano Ward. Let’s take a close look at each of these


Dark Star

Also known as Experiment 44H, this weapon never saw full production due to being sabotaged by its creator. The weapon contains a unique containment field which will allow you to destroy your enemies.


This is a boost tool that can become incredibly hot at any moment. While it is incredibly effective against enemies, it can also be harmful to you. Practice makes perfect to learn how to use this effectively.

Last Aid

This is a surgical tool originally designed for medical hospitals. Also known as the BioN J-1, this is sure to help patch you up in battle.

The Surge Screenshot



Originally designed for space, this suit can handle the worst kind of environments. It allows for “faster speed attacks, better energy gain, and harder impacts on CODENAME weapons.”


This suit was originally meant to assist army veterans on beginning a life outside of the military. Its regeneration powers are sure to be beneficial to you too!

Nano Ward

Tired of getting blown up? Worry no more, this suit will help reduce some of the damage done by explosives.

The Surge Screenshot


All of this sounds great, but these items are not just going to be handed to you. You must defeat six new enemies in order to acquire the gear. The Cutting Edge download is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you haven’t purchased the game, you can order it here.