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Smoke and Sacrifice Gets Release Date

Smoke and Sacrifice is coming to PC and Switch this month with a discount! Smoke and Sacrifice is a hand-illustrated RPG made by Solar Sail Games. Set in a dark world filled with evil creatures that inhabit the land, players… Continue Reading →

Hotel Transylvania Game Coming This Summer

Bandai Namco, in partnership with Outright games, has announced a Hotel Transylvania game based on the popular Sony movie, Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monsters Vacation. This new game, Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard will be released on July 13th for… Continue Reading →

Psyvariar is Making a Comeback

Psyvariar has been confirmed for a Western release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Originally released as an arcade cabinet in 2000, it was later ported to the PlayStation 2. For some years after the port, the game would receive an… Continue Reading →

New Point and Click Game Jengo Coming to Switch

Start warming your fingers up, because a new point and click game is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Robot Wizard has announced that their game Jengo is coming to the Nintendo Switch in addition to PC. This announcement… Continue Reading →

New LEGO The Incredibles Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive, creators of the LEGO The Incredibles game, has released a new trailer in anticipation for the release of their game. The trailer features various scenes from the movies, including my personal favorite, the “Where is my super… Continue Reading →

Get Football Manager Touch 2018 Today

Today, SEGA announced the release of Football Manager Touch 2018 onto the Nintendo Switch e-shop. It is available now for $39.99 in the Switch e-shop. This is the first console release for the series in years and is a big… Continue Reading →

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi Getting Western Release

  Earlier today, Koei Tecmo of Dead or Alive and Toukiden fame, announced that Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi would be getting a Western release. The game initially released on November 30 last year in Japan for the PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch and is set… Continue Reading →

DragoDino Coming to Consoles April 27th

Today, TealRocks announced that their 2D platformer DragoDino is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on April 27, 2018. DragoDino initially released on Steam a few months ago and is now being ported to consoles. Pre-orders will be available starting… Continue Reading →

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 Gets Release Dates

Known as Rockman X in Japan, Mega Man X first released in the West in early 1994. Now, twenty-four years later the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are set to release for Nintendo Switch on May 22 and on July… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Mario: The Birth of a Hero Pt. 2

In 1990, Nintendo released Super Mario World, which would become the best selling game of its generation. In this game, Mario and his brother Luigi must travel to Dinosaur Land to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser and his evil children. Along the way Mario meets a dinosaur who becomes his friend and helps them on the mission to save the Princess, you may recognize the character as Yoshi.

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