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The Ultimate E3 2018 Pre-Order Guide

Ultimate E3 2018 Pre-Order Guide: The annual E3 gaming expo was kicked off on June 9th with press conferences from some of the biggest names in gaming, like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and four other game developers. As always, there were… Continue Reading →

EA Brings Back Micro-Transactions in Battlefront II Update

In a press release today, Electronic Arts announced that micro-transactions will be returning to Battlefront II in an update scheduled for release on April 18th. Crystals, the controversial in-game currency which could only be purchased through real-world money, were removed… Continue Reading →

The State of Microtransactions

Microtransactions are in game purchases that allow you to pay extra, real life money, for some type of good or service in a game. There are two different kinds of microtransactions: cosmetic and in-game advantage microtransactions. For example, a cosmetic microtransaction would be like buying new clothes for you character/avatar or paying to change their look, but it does not give you any type of advantage whatsoever (besides being stylish of course). While in-game advantage microtransactions may allow you to purchase a special, powerful weapon, potion or something along those lines that you can only get through real money purchases and thus give you an advantage over those who did not to pay.

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