Be Informed Gaming Review Goals

We aim to provide fair, unbiased reviews for as many games as possible, in an effort to inform our readers with the honest truth about any game. Our hope with each review is that you will be able to get a full understanding of what the game is, how it plays, areas where is succeeds, areas where it could improve, and our overall thoughts on them. In an effort to not limit our review to a number, we have decided to rank our games using 5 different adjectives that coincide with a star rating system. Below, are the adjectives, along with its interpretations.

Our Scoring System:

Marvelous (5 Stars)– Too Important to Ignore; Exceeds in every way possible

Excellent (4 Stars)– Most Will Enjoy; Really good game overall, only has a few very minor weak points

Fine (3 Stars)– Pretty Good; Enjoyable game, but has a lot of room for improvement

Rough (2 Stars)– Not Great; Plagued with flaws, but might still appeal to a select few

Atrocious (1 Star)– Not Worth the Download Time; We played it so you don’t have to