Our Mission:

I hate writing intro’s, they are so tricky to write sometimes. How do you sum up everything you’re “about” in a short paragraph that makes sense to people? How do I show everyone what our gaming blog is about? Alas, I will give it a shot!

Hi, my name is Andrew! I created Be Informed Gaming, well, simply to keep people informed about gaming. There are so many different sites around with great content that cover news and breaking stories, but that isn’t quite what we are about. I created this gaming blog simply to share whatever is on my mind in the gaming world, and hopefully share that with other people. My hope is that this place will be a way share things that I (or some fellow writers) find cool, interesting, or fun, and share it with the rest of the world.

I hope you’ll have a look around and hopefully you’ll like what you see. We try to provide true and honest content with every blog post we put out. I, along with my friends, love video games and want to share that love with you’all through this gaming blog.

Please enjoy your stay.