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What in the WORLD is happening to Fortnite?

What in the WORLD is happening to Fortnite? Back when Season 2 launched, it might have seemed laughable to suggest that Fortnite: Battle Royale had any lore but, come the end of Season 3, a certain meteor strike left fans… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Game Studios: The New Five and What This Means for Xbox

Microsoft Game Studios: At the annual E3 conference, you never know what to expect. During Microsoft’s conference this year, they announced a lot of different games, including some exclusives and world premieres. Among those games announced, Microsoft Game Studios announced… Continue Reading →

The Mechanics of Lovecraftian Horror

For those invested in the horror genre, the name Howard Phillips Lovecraft brings with it a great amount of admiration for the craft of Lovecraftian horror. Some dedicate their lives to the study or imitation, in some way or other,… Continue Reading →

The State of Microtransactions

Microtransactions are in game purchases that allow you to pay extra, real life money, for some type of good or service in a game. There are two different kinds of microtransactions: cosmetic and in-game advantage microtransactions. For example, a cosmetic microtransaction would be like buying new clothes for you character/avatar or paying to change their look, but it does not give you any type of advantage whatsoever (besides being stylish of course). While in-game advantage microtransactions may allow you to purchase a special, powerful weapon, potion or something along those lines that you can only get through real money purchases and thus give you an advantage over those who did not to pay.

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