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We have lots of thoughts about different games! We have put them all together in our Featured tabs! We find lots of things interesting in games and want to share it with you all!

We Tried the Detroit: Become Human Demo and We Loved It

The long-awaited game from Director David Cage, titled Detroit: Become Human, has hit the PlayStation Store with a demo of the first mission. It is just under 3 GB and is more than worth a download. Playing as an android named… Continue Reading →

Snatcher: Thirty Years On

To really appreciate the work of renowned video game designer Hideo Kojima, it is sometimes best to take the spotlight off his widely acclaimed magnum opus Metal Gear and look at some of his other releases. In the first part… Continue Reading →

In Search of Truth: Part 1 – P.T.

One thing that I have always admired is how far some developers and creative directors will go to establish and build upon the worlds of their games. I greatly enjoy engaging with a game’s lore and unearthing the secrets that… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Mario: The Birth of a Hero Pt. 2

In 1990, Nintendo released Super Mario World, which would become the best selling game of its generation. In this game, Mario and his brother Luigi must travel to Dinosaur Land to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser and his evil children. Along the way Mario meets a dinosaur who becomes his friend and helps them on the mission to save the Princess, you may recognize the character as Yoshi.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Nintendo Switch!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, the latest console from Nintendo. This console has brought us great games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and a bunch of other fantastic games. The first year for the Switch has been nothing but successful with 14.86 million units sold as of January 2018, on track to be one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles ever!

The Evolution of Mario: The Birth of a Hero Pt. 1

Everyone, even people who have never played a video game, know tales of a little red plumber named Mario. He has been etched in the Mt. Rushmore of video game history and likely will be for the rest of time. But where did he come from and how did he evolve into the hero we know today?

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