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Is Detroit: Become Human Quantic Dream’s Magnum Opus?

Is Detroit: Become Human Quantic Dream’s Magnum Opus? It feels like everything from Fahrenheit, otherwise titled Indigo Prophecy, or even the lesser known Omikron: The Nomad Soul has been building up to Detroit: Become Human. The end result is certainly… Continue Reading →

What in the WORLD is happening to Fortnite?

What in the WORLD is happening to Fortnite? Back when Season 2 launched, it might have seemed laughable to suggest that Fortnite: Battle Royale had any lore but, come the end of Season 3, a certain meteor strike left fans… Continue Reading →

In Search of Truth: Part 3 – The Last of Us

In Search of Truth: Part 3 – The Last of Us In my last feature, I told you that this one would be on The Last of Us and I told you to keep Mark Meltzer in mind. Some keener… Continue Reading →

When World is More Important than Character

I see hatred and fear in their eyes. As if I was responsible for the spreading disease. As if I were the source of all the misery plaguing this land. I have nowhere to hide from them, nowhere to run…. Continue Reading →

Understanding the Modern Persona Debate

While the Persona games technically began as a spin-off of the Megami Tensei series, it consists of six main installments, a bunch of its own spin-off titles and many devoted fans who haven’t played any of the Megami Tensei titles…. Continue Reading →

In Search of Truth: Part 2 – Bioshock

For the second feature in my series about looking for the plot details that developers hide in their video games, I wanted to introduce a franchise that I have no doubt will be the focus of this series time and… Continue Reading →

Snatcher: Thirty Years On

To really appreciate the work of renowned video game designer Hideo Kojima, it is sometimes best to take the spotlight off his widely acclaimed magnum opus Metal Gear and look at some of his other releases. In the first part… Continue Reading →

In Search of Truth: Part 1 – P.T.

One thing that I have always admired is how far some developers and creative directors will go to establish and build upon the worlds of their games. I greatly enjoy engaging with a game’s lore and unearthing the secrets that… Continue Reading →

Sam Fisher’s Goodbye to the Legendary Snakes

There was a time when games like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell revolutionized gaming as a whole. Not just as third-person shooters, but as the emerging founders of the stealth genre, and from these great games legends were born, Big Boss, Solid Snake… Continue Reading →

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi Getting Western Release

  Earlier today, Koei Tecmo of Dead or Alive and Toukiden fame, announced that Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi would be getting a Western release. The game initially released on November 30 last year in Japan for the PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch and is set… Continue Reading →

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