Be Informed Gaming was founded in February 2018. We strive to provide you with straightforward, honest, and unbiased gaming news and reviews for the biggest AAA titles as well as the small indie games. We also provide quality opinion pieces that focus on some of the most discussed and undiscussed topics in the industry.

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Our Writers

Andrew Smith- Founder of Be Informed Gaming, author, and editor

Hi, my name is Andrew Smith and I am the founder of Be Informed Gaming. The first thing you should know about me is that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am currently a sophomore in college, studying physical education with a specific passion for basketball. While I love sports, I also have a passion for video games and want others to enjoy them as well.

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Harrison Marsh- Contributor

Hi, my name is Harrison Marsh and I’m a writer here at Be Informed Gaming. My passions extend beyond gaming and journalism, however, to Film and Theatre. I am currently studying Drama and trying my hand at independent filmmaking. I am also a fan of creative writing, but no matter my mood, I always enjoy having video games to fall back on and hope to share my passion with all of you!

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Darragh Mulcahy– Contributor

Hey, I’m Darragh, a writer for Be Informed Gaming. I recently graduated with a degree in Theatre and am hoping to get more involved in the professional world soon. I’ve written and directed many productions in my time in college, but my first love has always been video games. I’ve done some writing for other sites in the post and I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

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Jacob Mathews- Contributor

Hello! My name is Jacob Mathews, I am a writer here at Be Informed Gaming. I am an avid gamer, reader, and cook. As far as gaming goes, I’ll play anything. I spent three months engrossed in The Witcher 3, followed by a solid month of playing Splatoon 2 every day after work for a month straight. The only thing I won’t read is nonfiction, I like to have multiple escapes from reality. I love cooking, I cook any chance I get. Sadly, my girlfriend is a vegetarian, so only I eat what I cook lol. My current passion project is a children’s book that I am writing and more or less storyboarding it.

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Jake Slobe– Contributor

My name is Jake Slobe. I’m a freelance writer and graphic designer based out of Iowa City, IA. I write about new technologies, video games, startups, sports and music and how they intersect with culture. As of yesterday, I’ve caught 719 Pokémon. 88 to go. I’m not smart. I just wear glasses.

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Gabe Rule– Contributor

My name is Gabe Rulo. I’m a future journalism major and a life-long lover of gaming! I’m in love with really any sort of fictional media, from games to anime and everything in between. My favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts II (I recommend critical mode always.) I’m looking forward to bringing you all more content to read and having more discussions about anything gaming.

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