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Is Detroit: Become Human Quantic Dream’s Magnum Opus?

Is Detroit: Become Human Quantic Dream’s Magnum Opus? It feels like everything from Fahrenheit, otherwise titled Indigo Prophecy, or even the lesser known Omikron: The Nomad Soul has been building up to Detroit: Become Human. The end result is certainly… Continue Reading →

What in the WORLD is happening to Fortnite?

What in the WORLD is happening to Fortnite? Back when Season 2 launched, it might have seemed laughable to suggest that Fortnite: Battle Royale had any lore but, come the end of Season 3, a certain meteor strike left fans… Continue Reading →

Fallout 76: What We Know So Far

The release of Bethesda’s Fallout 76 is right around the corner, and there is still so much that is unknown. Since it got officially announced on May 30th, fans put the trailer under a microscope to try and get any… Continue Reading →

Top 8 Games from E3 That I Can’t Wait to Play

With this year’s E3 finished, we saw a lot of fantastic game trailers, gameplay, and even some major announcements. There were a bunch of games and release dates announced, some in the near future and some seem pretty far away…. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate E3 2018 Pre-Order Guide

Ultimate E3 2018 Pre-Order Guide: The annual E3 gaming expo was kicked off on June 9th with press conferences from some of the biggest names in gaming, like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and four other game developers. As always, there were… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Game Studios: The New Five and What This Means for Xbox

Microsoft Game Studios: At the annual E3 conference, you never know what to expect. During Microsoft’s conference this year, they announced a lot of different games, including some exclusives and world premieres. Among those games announced, Microsoft Game Studios announced… Continue Reading →

Top 8 Mario Gifts That Fans are Sure to Love

Who doesn’t love the fun of Super Mario games?! In this article, I will share a list of must-have Mario gifts that fans are sure to love. These are not your usual, generic Super Mario gifts – plush toys, mini-figures… Continue Reading →

In Search of Truth: Part 3 – The Last of Us

In Search of Truth: Part 3 – The Last of Us In my last feature, I told you that this one would be on The Last of Us and I told you to keep Mark Meltzer in mind. Some keener… Continue Reading →

The Role of Kratos in Greek Mythology

Since the release of God of War for PlayStation 4 this May, the game has been all the buzz in the gaming world. You have undoubtedly heard of it, and its lead character, who is based on Kratos in Greek… Continue Reading →

What was the First Video Game?

The First Video Game: In 1972, Allan Alcorn released what would become the first generation of video games to the public, with his hit game Pong. While this may have been the first game that really started the video game… Continue Reading →

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